Offered services

We focus on solving 3 basic needs:

The work that must be done – in the beginning we always meet with representatives of companies that need to search an employee. We listen to their ideas and try to absorb as much information as possible about the work of the wanted person, the team to which the person shall come and the entire company. Conceivably, we can jointly consider whether the reorganization of work within the team or process automation would improve the current situation. In this case, we will look at the organizational structure, the existing job descriptions and the ways of performing the work by all members of the team, evaluate their abilities and suggest possible changes.

Whom do you need – we will prepare job description.

The need to find the right person – by using Executive search method, we will find a person whose professional and personal qualities most closely match the needs of the client.

In general, the Executive Search is a method that is used to find “a tailor-made employee” for the client. It is not the same as recruiting – the positions are not massively advertised. Suitable candidates are targeted and addressed on the basis of criteria defined by the client together with the head-hunter. This is not a classic so-called recruiting – the listed positions are not advertised in mass. Suitable candidates are selected and addressed in a targeted way based on the criteria that the company and headhunter define.