I have been in touch with David for longer time. He was also helping me with testing of Lego Serious Play. When I was in need of an experienced financial specialist, When I was in need of an experienced financial specialist, he recommended me Matus Novotny who currently manages couple of projects in my firm.

Magda Kolínská, CEO in 24 Services group

I have been working as an accountant and tax specialist in the Czech Republic and Germany for my whole professional life. When I was finishing my work assignment in Hamburg, David called me and offered me the possibility to use my experience in the financial controlling department in UniCredit. I knew it will be a challenge as the range of activities was much wider and complex than I was doing so far. However, David saw the potential in me, offered me the position and I have become an integral part of the team. Nakonec jsem se nechala přesvědčit a já se stala nedílnou součástí týmu.

Martina Volencová, Financial controller in UniCredit Czech Republic and Slovakia


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