I have been successfully recruiting qualified people to my teams for more than 12 years. I hired specialists to set up the economy of project companies, especially in the field of industry, real estate, shopping centres, hotels and solar power. For the fastest growing integrated mobility provider in Europe, I designed the structure of the finance department. I created one of the strongest leasing controlling teams in the whole group. I am in daily contact with management, have experience from supervisory boards and with approval of investment plans. That’s why I know what people companies need. I place great emphasis on modern technology and automation.


Corporate economy is the heart issue for me. I went through almost all areas – purchasing, accounting, cash management, controlling (both for individual and group company, both in the role of headquarter and subsidiary) and I generally acted as a financial manager. I worked mainly for multinational corporations but also for a small Czech company. I know from my own experience that the same position in a different company can, depending on the circumstances, place different knowledge and personal demands. Every company and together working team has, like every individual, its vision, goals, habits and values and de facto also its aura and specific charisma. Identifying individuals with these group attributes is, in my opinion, no less important as meeting the knowledge requirements.


Already during my first professional assignments as an intern in firms of different field of industry both in the Czech Republic and abroad, I have realized that well-functioning teams and working environment, in which employees feel comfortable, are very important for the final outcome of the company. I was also working in an assurance department in a big international company as a member of many audit teams. During this time, I had the opportunity to observe that a team composition and leadership skills of the team manager have substantial influence on the project results. My further working experience in a controlling team in a significant leasing company, has strengthen my opinion that effective communication and a well-balanced team composed of employees with complementary knowledge, skills and personal characteristics are essential to the thriving working environment.


I started with economics and accounting already in high school. I soon realized that it is a field I would like to pursue. Therefore, I chose Audit as one of my specializations during my studies at the University of Economics and I joined KPMG afterwards. Here I participated during audits of large companies and led some of them too. Another challenge for me was the financial management of project companies and the methodology of financial controlling. I believe that a compatible team supporting mutual communication and trust and a pleasant work environment are the basis of employee satisfaction and thus a key factor of each company success.